I am delighted to welcome you to the Udo Reinemann International Masterclass, founded by my late teacher Udo Reinemann.

Over the years we have presented many renowned singers and pianists associated with the lieder art-form, who have taught masterclasses working closely with voice and piano students from all over the world. Artists who have participated include Anne Sofie von Otter, Sergei Leiferkus, Christoph Prégardien, Dame Felicity Lott, Ann Murray, Sir Thomas Allen, Olaf Bär, Markus Hadulla, Hartmut Höll, Julius Drake, Joseph Breinl, Roberta Alexander amongst many others.

This year we are honoured to welcome great artists again. 

What makes the masterclasses so unique is that only voice-piano duos can apply. One can experience the intimacy and intensity of such a musical partnership by working on this specific repertoire. Working from October through to April culminating in a final

concert, presenting different themes, gives every duo the chance to develop and explore new musical possibilities. The main concentration lies in the interpretation of each song, the poetry and partnership within the duo to create a new unity of music-making. I have the pleasure to work with the students 2 days a month, as well.

 I am very grateful that we have embraced fully a collaboration with the opera house La Monnaie in Brussels. La Monnaie has given us the chance to give the masterclasses in their beautiful Grand Foyer, which provides a very special atmosphere to work in.

I am delighted to announce that we have formed a working relationship with the Academy of the Monnaie as well. Every season two of their best duos will be chosen to participate during two of the seven masterclasses.

The family Solanet has offered their wonderful house-salon ‘Maison Solanet’ for some of the masterclasses when they

can’t take place at La Monnaie. Udo Reinemann was a very close friend to the family. I am very thankful to Olivier & Marie-Claude Solanet for their generosity.

The Rose, logo of Udo Reinemann International Masterclass, was the favourite flower of my teacher Udo Reinemann. Throughout his life, his students and friends gave him roses for his beautiful garden in France. Incredibly, he always knew exactly who each rose was from.

I aspire to let all students experience the wide symbolism the rose carries.

Young roses, meaning new life and flowering hearts to me, flourish to roses that stand for pure beauty, love, romance and of course balance, of utmost importance for duos.

The guest teachers and I aim to be the fertile soil in this fascinating process of diversity and discovery.

I am looking forward to meeting you!

Christianne Stotijn